With the rise of the unpredicted pandemic, COVID 19. Many people are going online and using the latest technologies for businesses. During such times, different emerging technologies have proven to be useful. Some technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, the internet of things, and many more have revolutionized several industries during the time of coronavirus. several technologies are best during time of COVID.

How technologies are helping us to fight with coronavirus?

Artificial Intelligence.

Best technologies to boom during COVID 19 in 2020.
Best technologies to boom during COVID 19 in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has shown its use cases in different industries and majorly in the healthcare industry. Such technology is used to build smart devices that can predict outcomes based on the data fed to the software of the device. With a basic example, you would be able to understand in a better way. 

Different chatbots are now integrated with different software in order to help the users when some human is not available near them. Such chatbots have proven to be useful. Different healthcare centers are using artificial intelligence to track the progress of the patient in the hospital when doctors are not available. 

More Use case of AI.

Such healthcare devices integrated with artificial intelligence are able to store and analyze the information. Information collected is useful for doctors to design a personalized plan for users.

Another main advantage of artificial Intelligence is, during the time of coronavirus, all the educational institutions are shut down and most of them need to conduct online exams. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to conduct exams in a disciplined way. 

Several software is designed in such a way that it is useful to conduct proctored exams. Such software can detect the expression of a student and based on it can decide the trust score for the student. The trust score would be able to determine how seriously the student has attempted the exam without any wrongful conduct. 

As social distancing is mandatory and touching to different objects needs to be avoided. During such times AI-based devices are available that senses when any human is near them and provides sanitizers and many more. Such devices are useful in public places where many people visit. With such devices, anyone would be able to use sanitizers without touching it. it is among the best technologies during COVID.

Cyber Security.

Since everyone is working and studying remotely, most of the online meeting software is in use. Such as go to meet, zoom, skype, and many more. Several security issues have arisen. It has found that even in the most used video conferencing application, several unauthorized people and competitors did join meetings of others. When everyone is online working, more security measures need to be made available for preventing several security breaches. Cybersecurity is among best technologies during COVID to work on.

With the rise of several news sources, different fake news is spread among people. It is really important that people do get the correct news. Hence, it is required to make sure all such news does not share. Several security methods are available to track and find the fake news source. 

Internet of things.

Best technologies to boom during COVID 19 in 2020.
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The Internet of Things is another revolutionary technology different industries are using. Internet of things means devices that use the network to transmit data from one device to another without any human intervention. Such technology is full of advantages during the time of coronavirus. Like earlier mentioned about the devices which sense humans and dispense sanitizer is a basic example. 

Such devices use different sensors such as proximity sensors and many more for detecting humans. It is a basic example of internet things. Such technology is useful in different public places such as public washrooms, dressing rooms, malls, and offices. Different sensors are available that integrate with taps, lifts, and many more objects. It would be able to detect humans and provide service without touching any object.

Some more about IOT use cases.

Several eCommerce industries are planning to use drones for dropshipping, such devices would require no humans to travel from one destination to another. Drones would be able to deliver such products without any intervention of humans. 

Several healthcare institutions are designing different robots to provide essential medicines to patients. Countries like China are using such kinds of robots to give medicines to coronavirus patients. Such robots prevent contact between the doctors and patients and promote social distancing. It is the best business idea since we do need to follow social distancing for some time.

Various other technologies like eCommerce have proved to be useful during the time of covid19 since most of the people cannot move out of houses. And need to avoid going in public places. Different eCommerce stores would directly deliver products to the buyer’s house. 

With the advancement in 3d printing technology, different PPE kits and shields are designed and printed using such technologies. It has reduced a huge cost of production and such kits are available easily on a large scale. Different shields are built using 3d printing at a very low cost. it is among best technologies during COVID.

How students can be benefited from such technologies?

If you are a student and looking for some great startup idea you can build something using such technologies. It would assist you to learn more and innovate. It is right to work on something which is in huge demand. You can learn several courses and work on some great ideas. You will get great experience and exposure while doing research and building.


With the advancement in technologies like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, the internet of things, and many more are helping us to fight with this pandemic. It is a technology with the help of which many people are able to do work online and collaborate with different team members. The world is changing now, and it is our need to adopt such technologies to make our work more hassle-free and safe.

 COVID 19 has proved how important digital readiness is. It is also necessary to build a technology infrastructure to support all such latest technologies essential for all such businesses. According to the BBC, around 200 million people will lose jobs. During such time it will be important to learn the latest skills and adopt digitization. all technologies like AI, Cybersecurity, and many more are some best technologies during COVID.


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