Internet technology has seen rapid development, and online Education has become famous and trending. AI and Blockchain are making a huge revolution in the education industry. Any education you take online without going to the institution is known as online education or distance education. It is a way to use to teach students online with the help of web technology. Online Education has various advantages like it makes students learn faster. Various people making online courses and providing online Education are well aware of various impacts of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology and how real people are helping to shape all advanced technologies.

Ai technology has an enormous impact on various organizations, and it is very well replacing traditional analytical tools with different technical intelligence agents. AI has vast potential in various fields like Education, shopping industries, and many more. On the other hand, if we look at blockchain technology, it is another vast technology that has made a significant impact on various industries like Education, Healthcare, and many more.

How Blockchain and AI could be impactful for Online Education?

Both of these impactful technologies have considerable advantages in online Education in terms of security and teaching. Let us discuss some of the problems in online Education. So, AI and Blockchain are making a huge revolution in the education industry.

Although online Education is trending and popular, online Education has various problems due to the open and digital Internet. Different students face privacy issues related to their official online certification, and several data security issues are there. Everything depends on the centralized authority of the online learning platform. To make the learning process and online certification accessible, we need to build a system which immutable and trustable. 

Online education platforms require a trustworthy and distributed system that would be able to record every student’s process of learning and disclose the learning process in public without any security breaches and tampering of data. Blockchain technology would be best for making online education platform secure and would be impactful in the field.

AI for Online Education industry

Online education courses are designed at an individual level. Various people are not able to reach that level and hence do not understand anything. We need a smart way by which we can make sure every student understands. And this problem could be solved by Artificial Intelligence. Hence artificial intelligence has a huge advantage in online Education. With the help of advanced algorithms, students may have one to one lessons that erase the education bias among students. 

With the help of an adaptive learning system, we can design various learning models based on what students need. Many times it happens students drown in the crowd when they are in a big lecture hall. It helps students to learn at their own pace and complete assignments and quizzes as per their convenience. Also, they can maintain their own pace. It allows students to learn the syllabus more effectively than the traditional curriculum. Students have more complete and thorough Education. 

Another advantage of AI-based online Education is that it provides individual tutoring to all students. Hence students can gain in-depth knowledge in various complex subjects. Unlike earlier days, students do not need to wait for office hours to clear their doubts and confusion since e-learning education helps students learn in a better way and clear doubts online. AI can answer many questions without wasting students’ learning time.

Education Industry using AI and blockchain

Many times in the classroom, it happens students are not able to ask questions since they feel shy and fears if their problem is stupid. But in AI-based online Education, students feel much more comfortable and free to ask any question since no one is around them.

AI has become the way to many advances as it has begun using sophisticated algorithms, which makes them assess students grasping power in various subjects. Accordingly, it works on a teaching approach, which helps students to learn maximum. Several AI pioneers are working on the development of an efficient and advanced system for educating people.

Blockchain in Online Education Industry

   A brief description of Blockchain Technology

It was the year 2008 when A person or group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto came with a proposal of a cryptocurrency called bitcoin. The main aim was to present it in the form of the ledger where all transactions taking place were stored. Nakamoto proposed transactions would be visible to network nodes. In layman’s language, the technology behind bitcoin, blockchain technology is a distributed ledger system, a peer to peer network.

Many people talk about Blockchain, and it has become a buzzword. Why is blockchain technology so much important? Well! Some of the reasons are data is stored in a distributed ledger system, which means “NO CENTRAL AUTHORITY.” Blockchain is Immutable. In layman’s language, it is next to impossible for someone to make changes in data stored in Blockchain hence, no one could tamper data. Nodes present in Blockchain Network have access to data; therefore, it is transparent. 

Blockchain’s applications are limitless. And Huge advantage of Blockchain technology is in online Education. Grech and Camileri has presented various use cases of blockchain technology in 2017. In online Education, Blockchain has enormous potential, like it would help to make online education platform more transparent and maintain a vast security level.

Various applications of Blockchain in Online Education

  • Students’ degree is shareable between institutions: It will be a huge advantage for students since they would be able to get certificates verified and adhere to an education system quickly.
  • It helps in the maintenance and creation of the CV of students. It helps to make digital documents, and it could be easily shared with various employers. Also, it would be able to safeguard all GDPR aspects along with different restricted nodes like universities are allowed to access fields and update them.
  • Student Identity: it is always unique in an educational institution, and shares the same base platform.
  • Professor Identity: it gives authentication to the identity of the professor.
  • It helps in record management, as it reduces paper-based processes on campuses of the same university. 
  • To support various agreements and validate things like attendance and assignment completion, blockchain application would work well, and it will prevent fraud attempts. 
  • It validates the authority of various educational resources with blockchain applications.

Final Words

During the past few years, with considerable advancements in various disrupting technologies like Blockchain and artificial technology, A vast difference be look in how industries used to operate before. Like with multiple use cases of algorithms in Artificial Intelligence, it allows us to process enormous volumes of data. With the inclusion of several builtin functions and algorithms, it has made applications even more comfortable, especially in online Education.

Like AI, Blockchain technology has enormous disruptive power. In the last few years of cryptocurrency implements, it has proved various possibilities to use in several fields, especially online Education, which needs the validation of certification and security. It is a fascinating technology since it gives ways to move from centralized data to distributed systems with the privacy of data. Such technologies make education more interactive and secure.

With people’s massive interest in Artificial technology and blockchain technology, it would make a useful contribution to the field of online Education and would change the way of storing certificates. Online Education will be impactful from AI and Blockchain. It would be perfect for investing in the right solutions.

Blockchain and AI are making a huge revolution in the education industry. such technologies make education more interactive and secure.


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