Several promising technologies like Artificial intelligence in education Industry in 2020 have impacted various industries in a positive way. It has led to lower down the cost, reduction of labour work by automating several tasks. Artificial Intelligence in 2020 has seen a huge growth in recent few years and has become a buzzword.

If you don’t know what artificial intelligence is, well, it is more or like training a computer device, with the use of previous data to answer all the queries of the user. For example, chatbots, if you have noticed , nowadays many websites are using chatbots for answering the queries of users in odd hours. Such chatbots are the most common use case of artificial intelligence.

Imagine a school where you have several robots, also explaining you several lab experiments,and teaching you along with your faculties.

Imagine, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the education industry in 2020. Well, if it gets implemented it would bring a huge revolution. In the current scenario, several schools do hire teachers and trainers to educate the students. But many times, it becomes difficult for teachers to handle such a large number of students, and doing various monotonous tasks like checking the answer scripts and all. With several Artificial Intelligence-based products, the education industry would be beneficial for both students and teachers.

Artificial in Education Industry in 2020 statistics.

How Artificial Intelligence would revolutionise the Education Industry in 2020?
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According to the latest study by technavio, shows that there is huge incremental growth in the AI in the Education industry 2020.  And most of the contribution is done by the Americans. Also, according to study it has found that key drivers would be ITS and IAL systems in the Education Industry.

How AI would be impactful in the Education Industry in 2020? 

AI for personalised Education.

Imagine, where you have your personalised chatbots and applications which clears all your doubts. Most of the time it happens that there are different kinds of students available in the class. Some are bright, some do need extra classes and deep explanation for each subject. It is not realistic for teachers to give individual attention to each and every student, since they need to handle several tasks. During such time, a personalised chatbot or an AI based software would be useful. Imagine you are learning a topic and you didn’t understand some part of it based on the questions asked in the software, you can see the video or clear your doubts. Isn’t it interesting?

AI for conducting Exams!

Currently it is very difficult for teachers to handle examinations, many times, it does need planning, designing questions and all. What if there would be AI based software, that can generate some random questions by analysing the whole topic. Let us suppose, a teacher needs to design a question paper for a certain subject, AI would be really useful. Imagine a query based platform where you just need to enter topic name and the weightage for each topic, And boom! Your question paper would be set.

AI for correcting Notebooks and Answer Sheets.

Also, it becomes very difficult for teachers to do corrections of all the papers, as it is a very time consuming and monotonous task. Various applications based on Artificial intelligence would automate the task of reading and correcting the answer sheets. With the use of image recognition techniques, it will make it easier for faculties to correct answer sheets and reduce the time and labor.

AI for security in education industry in 2020.

Recently several cases have come up regarding the security of students. Several times, unknown individuals have harmed students. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, a proper security infrastructure would prevent all such mishappenings in the schools. Also it will help to keep track of the students and several outsiders coming into the school.

AI for attendance.

Most of the time, teachers need to take attendance manually and record it in the database. With use of Artificial technology, and cameras we can use image recognition for taking the attendance and directly store it in the database. Hence, it would reduce the time for faculties for recording attendance many times. 

AI for students Progress.

Many times, it is not easy for teachers, and educators to predict the performance of students. With the use of Artificial Intelligence one would be able to predict the performance data of students, using machine learning algorithms. Such a project would be beneficial since it would assist students to know where they need more hard work and would also let faculties to know more about students.

How Academician Are Contributing to the Field of Artificial Intelligence.

Several courses designed on Artificial Intelligence are available for students from all age groups both in schools and colleges. Even the course is structured in such a way that every subject has a project associated with it. Such courses are beneficial for students to start initially at a very small age.

Several Researchers, Industrialists and educators have collaborated and conducted several researchers in the field of AI. Such research would lead to the launch of several AI-based products which would be beneficial for both industries and common men. Hence, Education industry has a major role to play. 

What is the future of AI or Artificial Intelligence in education?

Like earlier mentioned, Artificial intelligence has a bright future. Several kinds of research are going on for implementing the technology in several industries. Hence, Artificial technology has a bright future and it is a billion-dollar industry. Several innovative products have launched. Hence, It is just a tip of the iceberg whatever has been done. Hence, In the coming few decades, it will revolutionize each and every industry. Also,If you would like to give your views do comment below and do subscribe.


A school, where all students can take personalised courses based on their interests. All the examinations would design on their own and several software clearing the doubts of the students. All the assignments and exams get scores on their own. So, It is achieved with the use of Artificial Intelligence in the education industry in 2020. What do you say? So, Will AI brings a huge, revolution in the education industry in 2020. If so, comment below and also subscribe to the blog.


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