How preventing fake news using blockchain technology is great?
How preventing fake news using blockchain technology is great?

In the world of digital media, we do get lots of news everyday about various issues. Many times it happens, that such channels or media do publish fake news and spread it like anything to get more views. Such fake news creates panic among people and many people do believe such news and shares among friends using several mediums like whatsapp, messenger, Instagram and Facebook. With different technologies, blockchain for preventing fake news would be great.

It has gripped all the readers right from the United states of America to any small developing country. During pandemic time, like now, several people are sharing fake news of medicines, hospitals and many more. Such news has proven to be dangerous for people since many times, people do try out such fake medicines mentioned in the news. Such is just a small example. Even many times the media does publish fake news for celebrities for ruining their reputation and much more. Hence such kinds of fake news should be prevented.

According to statistics and different surveys done, around 88 percent of news readers do believe that fake news is a real issue and it is not a small issue. According to statistics by statista, India is the country where around 300 million social media users do forward messages on whatsapp. Hence such studies have revealed that Indians do not check out whether a news is fake or not but forward it. 

Hence we need a method or technology which can identify if news is fake or real. In the current world, with so much of advanced technologies, Blockchain technology among them can be used to identify if news is fake or real. 

Unfolding what is Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is the underlying technology of bitcoin like digital currencies. Blockchain has revolutionized the way of storing information, since it lets users secure data using cryptography in a decentralized network. Due to certain features of blockchain technology such as decentralization, transparency and traceability. Also it has led to a solution to handle such fake news.

Different ways how blockchain technology prevents use from getting fake news.

  • A decentralized blockchain system would let different stakeholders join the blockchain network. Such a blockchain network would consist of several news agencies, publishers, editors and news validators. 
  • Different news agencies can share news on such networks. And once the news is shared different publishers can publish it in the websites. A major role will be played by the news validators or readers, for validation of news.
  • Blockchain would let users to trace the source of the news. Different readers can validate the source of the news if it is coming from right rouces.
  • It uses a decentralized platform, which let any person to be aprt of such blockchain from any corner.

Fake news prevention using blockchain technology.

Smart contracts, an application of blockchain technology would be of great use in detection of the fake news. Such smart contracts are coded which for further validation the news. 

A blockchain network would have different stakeholders, readers and publishers. if more number of users validates the news soruce, then there are more chances it will be a real news. 

Case Study.

The innovative way adopted by news agencies to stop sharing of faux news about COVID!

A pandemic is announced by WHO and coronavirus is spreading in no time . During this point , you want to be getting various updates about COVID 19. several new channels and social media come up with their own set of stories .

Most of the time it happens that folks get fake news. to stop the sharing of faux news, A famous press agency in Italy, ANSA has come up with a news tracking system supported blockchain technology.

This system is understood as ANSA check and aims to bring more trust among the corporate and its several readers. ANSA check’s main objective is to verify the history and origin of stories published on various platforms of ANSA like Social media and third-party platforms.

This platform is build using Ethereum Blockchain. And,They have used ethereum technology, since smart contracts are often implemented and linked to the digital representation off stories . Also it’ll be ready to create a specified cryptographic string.

This project is build with collaboration with Ernst and Young and a number of other big companies. ANSA would be the primary agency to use blockchain technology to tackle the matter of sharing fake news.

In current Scenarios , such quite application would be really useful. As people will get cthe correct news and sharing of faux news would decrease eventually.


Blockchain technology has proven to be a great technology which allows users to secure and validate data. Also, With use of blockchain technology, it has become more easy to validate transactions and give a proof of authenticity. such methods in mass media communication are useful since, it wont let any more spread of fake news. Hence, Currently several countries are using blockchain technology for preventing spreading of fake news.

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