How is the artificial intelligence industry making money during the corona virus outbreak?
How is the artificial intelligence industry making money during the coronavirus outbreak?


Our whole world is suffering from the pandemic of Coronavirus. It has impacted several industries in the world. Several schools, universities, colleges, malls, cinema halls, and much more have been shut down for a long time. No one knows when this pandemic is going to get over. Several doctors and hospitals are working day and night to take care of the patients. But do you know, without the use of technology such as Artificial Intelligence it is very difficult?

What are AI and some of its examples?

    What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that are or will help us in a great way to fight with novel coronaviruses. If you don’t know what Artificial Intelligence is, you don’t need to worry because, in further sections, I would be explaining about AI or Artificial Intelligence.

    Some examples of Artificial Intelligence.

Just like we humans can think and learn, similarly we train computers to learn and think as humans.several computer programs can be used to train computers to do several tasks like speech recognition, playing games and talking with humans and much more.

Imagine you want to play a game against a computer, the computer would learn from your moves and make a move. You are on a website, and customer care is not available, you check the chatbox and a chatbot talks to you, it is all artificial intelligence. You can find several examples in your routine. 

How Artificial Intelligence can be useful to fight with the novel coronavirus.

If we talk about applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, numerous applications are there.some of the applications are following. Imagine if you want to track all the details of the patients from the devices and analyse about their health. Artificial intelligence is useful in several ways. Every data can be tracked from devices like smartwatches and much more, and that collected data can be analyzed and based on that analysis further procedure can be done. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

A similar use of chatbots can be really useful in healthcare, individuals can write their problems and based on that they can get answers automatically. 

Another advantage is AI-based robots for taking care of individuals, imagine, a robot giving medicines and taking care. Well, AI has made such advancement, and several robots are avialable to take care of individuals.

Is AI making money in the coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, AI is making huge money despite the coronavirus outbreak. So, several applications of Artificial intelligence are essential to fight with coronavirus. Here is the answer to the question of How AI is making huge money in the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Use of AI-based chatbots.
    • Several companies are working on AI-based chatbots. Individuals can make use of these chatbots, and write the concerns, based on these concerns, AI-based chatbot can recommend further.
    • Also, these AI-based chatbots are useful to know if we are in a hotspot or not.
  • Use of AI-based robots for transferring necessary items.
    • Well, since many of us need to maintain social distancing, AI-based robots are useful todistribute items to several individuals.
  • Ai based application for detecting if an individual is wearing a mask or not.
    • With the use of several applications of AI like image recognition, one can detect if a person is wearing a mask or not. 


All such advantages of AI are useful in the coronavirus pandemic. Several businesses and researchers are working on all such applications which will have huge advantage in coronavirus outbreak. Also such applications and products are available. AI has huge scope and it is earning a huge amount of money. If you find my article useful kindly use below buttons to share it with others and comment on your views. Also, don’t forget to subscribe the blog.

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