For the past few centuries we have seen a huge evolution of computers and we are in an era where we are using computers for all basic purposes. It could be mobile phones, laptops, desktops.but the problem with the computers we use,  still takes time for doing huge and complex computation. We need a superfast computer which could do huge computations at a very less time. Imagine what if we can build a computer on the concepts of Quantum mechanics. Well, it would be really fast at doing computations. And these computers would be known as quantum computing machines. 

Quantum Computing: the Future of computation!

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A basic difference between Quantum computers and basic computers.

  • Well, the systems we use now, information is stored in the form of bits, but in quantum computers, information is stored in the form of qubits also known as quantum bits. 
  • A Basic Principle behind quantum computers is that for data representation we can use quantum properties. Also, various quantum mechanics would be used to perform various operations in data.  
  • Imagine what if we are able to build quantum computers, will it break all the cryptography concepts and be a superfast system which will perform computations in less time. We will discuss all the important aspects of Quantum computing in the blog.

Quantum computers still at the age of infancy.

What all computations are done by quantum computers are performed on very fewer qubits. Various theoretical and practical research is going on at a frantic pace. Various agencies, such as government and military people are working on quantum computing research. Good research is going on for various security purposes such as civilian security and national security.

Quantum mechanics concepts like “superposition” and Entanglement.

There is no doubt that quantum computers are using concepts of quantum mechanics such as superposition and entanglement. It is fine if you are baffled with concepts like these. Well, we have various quantum particles like electrons, photons, atoms. 

  • What is superposition?
    • Superposition is the property of a quantum system that lets the system to be in multiple states at the same time. You can think of this like, a system which could be “here” and “there” or “up” and “down”. 
  • Entanglement.

Well, entanglement builds a strong correlation between quantum particles. Such as two or more quantum particles could be linked together inextricably even they have huge distance between them. 

All the particles are linked together in such a way that, it seems that they dance even if there is a huge distance between them such as both or many particles are located at different ends of the universe. Also, this observation of long-distance connection inspired einstein to present this concept as “ spooky action at a distance”. 

Why these quantum are significant? 

Well, it is really fascinating. And it could be really useful for doing computations and communications. Well, special thanks to the concepts like superposition and entanglement since these concepts help to do huge calculations simultaneously. We all know simple computers work on ones and zeros, but quantum computers work on ones, zeros, and superposition of ones and zeros. Various difficult tasks which are impossible to perform on simple computers could be performed by quantum computers in very little time. 

Quantum Computing: the Future of computation!

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What quantum computers are capable of doing?

Well, with the advancement in quantum computing. They have started to approach the classical simulations. Various basic operations like factorization of large numbers, and multiplying huge numbers would be easy for quantum computers if digits are of a huge number. Also according to a mathematician named Peter Shor, who was working in AT&T claimed that if a quantum computer would be available, it could easily factor numbers with a huge number of digits.

Well, no person would spend huge amounts of money to build quantum computers for working on factors of numbers or much more. Factors of numbers are somewhere related to cryptography concepts. Such as in RSA we use factors of the number to encrypt data.

 With a classical system that we have now would not be able to decrypt the information encrypted by RSA. Since it needs a key which is two prime numbers and their multiplication for decryption. No eavesdropper could ever do this if one does not build a quantum computer and implement some of Peter Shor’s algorithm. So, well does it mean Quantum computers could hack all data? 

Quantum Computing: the Future of computation!

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  • Various Advantages of Quantum computing.
    • So, the use of peter Shor’s algorithm has been a motivation for people to do good research in the field of quantum computers. Well, in Broader view quantum computers could perform various solutions to huge problems in very less time.
    • Various researchers are working on several problems that could be solved in a few seconds. Also, researchers are trying to find ways to develop speedy algorithms.
    • Various fields with future scope of research are quantum networks and communications, quantum sensing, and metrology. Well, the use of quantum computers would lead to huge revolutionary ways for information sharing.

What all the facts you should know about quantum Computing?

Like earlier said, Also, quantum computers would change the whole landscape of data security. 

Encryption algorithms we do have know would become easily breakable with quantum computers. It has the potential to crack all encryption techniques and various predictions have been made that they would build hack-proof algorithms.

Classical computers are better than quantum computers in various tasks like (email, desktop, spreadsheets and much more). Well, the main aim of building quantum computers solves various problems but it won’t be replacing classical problems.

Quantum computers would be great for solving optimization problems like booking flight tickets or finding the best route for FedEx. 

According to Google, Quantum computers would be a million times better than a classical computer on google.

Some startups working on quantum computing.

  • 1Qbit.
  • It is a software and consulting company working on quantum computing. And It aims to provide some solutions which could be able to solve various difficult problems using a complex algorithm. It will use various software development tools and various classical methods along with quantum computers.
  • A*Quantum
  • It is a company build in 2018, a Japanese company that works on quantum computer software. Also, it develops software that would be useful for both gate-level machines. 
  • SoftwareQ
  • It is another company that is working on quantum software and provides a good number of services which include various simulators, optimizers, education software, and consultancy services. It is a Canadian company build in 2017.
  • Qulab
  • A company founded in 2017 in aims to automate molecular drug design with the use of classical and quantum computers.

For more details on startups.

IBM and Quantum Computing

Well, in the current era, IBM is leading in quantum research. It has got a special division called IBMQ, it is a special company working on quantum computing to make it accessible widely. Also, it could shed a good amount of light on what the future holds for quantum computers. It provides a Qisikit extension. With this, it has got an open-source program that allows several developers and researchers to explore the whole concept of quantum computers with the help of python scripts. Also, it allows people to collaborate on various requests to interactions of quantum computing.IBM aims to make breakthroughs in quantum computing. And the initial initiative was done by Richard Feynman. 

Final Words

Quantum computers have gotten exponentially large advantages over classical computers. Also, It would revolutionize the world, implemented on a large scale. 

Hence,Various Quantum technologies would bring a second quantum revolution. From industries would have a huge impact on Quantum computing. 

It would change aspects of life. Also, it would bring a huge explosion of data generated using IOT and Big data. It would bring advancement in artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Hence, Quantum computing would bring major change cryptography concepts and it will make various technical updates in the coming decades.

Well, in a future blog we will discuss deep concepts in Quantum computing.


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