With technology advancement, cloud computing has become one of the emerging technologies. Due to pandemic, many people are shifting towards work from home and they do find the need for some cloud computing services to perform some computations and share data with others while managing a project. 

With such a huge demand for cloud computing services, different companies have come up with their cloud computing platforms. Some of the famous cloud computing platforms are Google Cloud,  AWS and Microsoft Azure, and many more.

AWS or Amazon web services is a cloud computing platform by Amazon came up with the idea of a cloud computing platform when they decided to rent out extra servers that they bought for storing amazon’s e-commerce website data.  Such services are really useful when you need to reduce costs and build anything without hassle. Such cloud computing software is very useful for users.

What is Amazon Web Services?

According to the official website of Amazon, it is a cloud computing platform for users and business owners to conduct different powerful computations remotely on Amazon servers. Amazon web services or AWS is the world’s largest cloud computing platform with around 175 full features services. Several data centers are located globally. Around millions of customers including big businesses, startups, and government agencies use AWS. it is proven to be lower in cost, more agile, and innovative.

Different Functions of AWS.

AWS has a huge number of services along with different features. Such a platform lets users compute, store, and work on emerging technologies like Machine learning and Algorithm. It does provide several applications to run data analytics and the Internet of things. It is considered to be more fast and cost-effective. 

Since cloud computing does use the internet, hence security is a major concern. AWS is designed in such a way that it is more flexible and secure for cloud computing. All such applications available in AWS are do fulfill the requirements of high sensitive companies, global banks, and the military. It does have the backing of a large number of security tools with a huge number of features and governance services. AWS does follow 90 Security standards along with different compliance certifications. It stores all the data in its 117 AWS services with encryption.

Such a cloud platform has shown to be really innovative. It lets users to several latest technologies and build innovative products. Let us take an example, in 2014 AWS developed a serverless computing space and launched AWS lambda. Such a feature allows users to run their code with server management. Similarly, Amazon Sagemaker is a fully managed machine learning service allowing developers to use machine learning.

Different solutions By Amazon AWS.

Amazon AWS provides a wide range of solutions on its cloud computing platform. Such solutions include various new technologies.

Machine Learning.

AWS is built with a wide range of powerful services and different platforms. Such a solution helps users to implement the broadest machine learning framework from anywhere. You can build different ML-based codes on AWS and do the trained model on AWS. it would reduce the overall cost.

Analytics and Data Lakes.

AWS allows users to securely store, analyze, and categorize all the data in a centralized repository. As you know data volumes are increasing day by day and the huge cost is involved in storing and analyzing such amount of data. AWS provides a best and cost-effective tool that lets users store and analyze all the data. Different database solutions are available in AWS for data.

Internet of things.

Several devices are available in homes, factories, cars, and many more. With increase in the number of devices, solutions need to connect them increases. Several solutions let users collect analyze and store such data. AWS provides users all the security layers and different security mechanisms like encryption and various controls.

Serverless computing.

Serverless computing is a new technology that enables users to build different modern applications with more agility and low cost. Such serverless applications would let users to more focus on the core product instead of managing and building different servers. Such would reduce the cost and time. Developers would be able to focus more on the product and build a reliable product.

Why should you use AWS services?

Such services are designed in the best way and built on four main factors.


AWS is built on different comprehensive security capabilities that satisfy different users and various requirements. Different security measures are taken by AWS.

Compliance Free.

It gives users different features such as rich controls, broad security accreditations, and auditing.


It lets users build different hybrid architectures that let users extend different on-premises infrastructure on Cloud.


Amazon AWS lets users build scalable applications. Such applications can be scaled up and down according to requirements.

Amazon AWS services have let different users build some great applications. Along with it, several other services are available on Amazon for e-learning.

DIfferent Amazon E-Learning Services.

Amazon Events and Webinars.

Amazon hosts different kinds of events and webinars for everyone to learn more about cloud computing and build a community that can connect, learns, and collaborate with different AWS experts. Such events are held for both experienced and newbies, it let uses to learn more about AWS and build some great skills.

AWS training and certifications.

Different organizations do need various skilled individuals to transform business. Different AWS certifications and training lets anyone build and validate different cloud skills. All the content for such training and certifications are according to all different services by AWS. 

AWS holds both digital and classroom training. Such training allows users to learn remotely as well as in the classrooms.

AWS partner network.

AWS partner network is a global program for partners who have a great interest in technology and consulting and wants to leverage Amazon web services for building solutions for customers. Such network assists different companies to build, sell, and market different AWS offers with valuable marketing, technical and business support.

Different partners are available across the globe and many companies are fortune 100 and fortune 500. All such businesses using Amazon.

Building applications with Amazon web services.

Amazon web services allow users to deploy their applications on services. If you are looking to deploy any such application on the Amazon Web Services platform, you need to make sure that few things are taken care of. It is really important to know that deploying applications in AWS do not require an underlying architecture.

Different benefits of amazon web services and cloud computing.

  • Amazon web services reduce cost. Since business now does not need to spend huge finances on data servers and data centers. You need to pay only for the resources which you use.
  • It brings a more scalable economy. With the use of amazon web services, you can easily achieve a lower cost and cover it on your own. Many users are working on cloud and AWS lets users achieve high scalability in the economy. Hence it would require fewer finances.
  • You don’t need to worry about infrastructure storage. As you are allowed to use, how much you require to deploy any application. Sometimes it does cost high if resources are selected wisely. Cloud computing does not face any such issues in storage. Users can easily scale it according to use.
  • Amazon web services increase the speed and agility of the application. It means all the IT resources are just one click away. You can easily increase the agility of the software and cost is reduced. 
  • Amazon web services do not let users spend a huge amount of money on infrastructure and maintenance of different data centers. It let AWS users to focus more on business and its product rather than infrastructure. AWS would let more focus on business rather than heavy servers.
  • With Amazon web services you can easily deploy your application in several rights around the world with just few clicks. It would reduce the latency and give customers access at a minimal cost.

More About AWS

Amazon web services are a great platform in the field of cloud computing and several users do use it for businesses. Amazon would let you work on different facilities and services at a very low cost. If you are a business owner and would like to use it for your business, you should go for amazon web services.

 If you are a learner and would like to learn about amazon web services, you can access different courses available by several websites and Amazon online. Several tutorials would assist to you know amazon web services and you can use it for your business, educational work, and much more. For researchers, it would be a great choice since it will be useful for learning about the cloud and how does it work. Researchers can work on different research work based on new technologies and do not require any high configuration devices. 


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