Introduction: latest technologies in 2020

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With the rise of global pandemic in 2020, many people have beginned using different technologies for their businesses, education, work and much more. Due to social distancing and prevention of covid19 spread, many people have shifted from cubicles to home office, classrooms to virtual classroom. In a short span of time many people have adopted different use cases of technologies.

And in order to make work less affected due to global corona virus pandemic. It has all become possible due to emerging technologies, like artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, cyber security, eCommerce. And different tech tools like online meeting applications and websites, collaborative applications of work and much more. 

Here are some latest trends that can be seen in different latest technologies in 2020.

Since many people have shifted to work from home, 

Different technologies such as cyber security are playing great roles.

Latest technologies in 2020: What all you need to know?
Latest technologies in 2020: What all you need to know?

Due to different security issues in several mobile applications, it has become necessary to use cyber security to make them secure. Initially, several bugs were found when people began to use several meeting applications, like joining of unauthorized person in a meeting. Such issues are resolved using cyber security.

AI or artificial intelligence

Latest technologies in 2020: What all you need to know?
Latest technologies in 2020: What all you need to know?

 AI has been a buzzword for many years. It has become one of the emerging technologies and many businesses are using it. It makes several hassle free tasks easy and automated. In the rise of the current pandemic situation, AI has proven to be  a useful technology and It is among latest technology trends. With the use of AI several websites were able to integrate chat bots which allows users to get basic information about pandemic. AI is integrated with applications, which let different stakeholders to find more prone areas to pandemic and assist them to take preventive measures.

Robotics And AI 

Robotics and AI are a great combination especially during the times of pandemic. With the rise of global pandemic, it is among the latest technology in 2020 trends to follow. Robotics and AI are useful in several fields for making work easier. Different healthcare facilities and public places are making use of AI and robotics for distributing medicines or providing a sanitizer to people. Likewise , you will find several examples which explains how AI and robotics have become a technology trend.

Internet of things or IOT 

Internet of things another technology trend aims to revolutionize courier and shipping services with use of drones. Quite a good amount of research is going on for using drones to supply goods to people in houses. Such would be really useful in current times which involves a huge risk of covid19 spread. With use of different sensors, many industries are trying to make different machines automated, that prevents users from touching them. For example taps in public places have different sensors which detect if a person is near them and wants to wash. Hence IOT is one such latest technology trend to follow. 

Different tech services like E commerce websites

 E commerce have seen a boom in recent years. Different people are stuck at home and avoid going to different marketplaces. During such times, eCommerce services are quite promising since people can order goods and services from their mobile phones.

Such pandemic has led different people to learn about technology and upgrade their skills. Different websites are offering some of the great courses for students, so that they can learn more about different technologies and great stuff. If you would like to read and learn more about different latest technologies in 2020. We have some great content on our blog website. 

Conclusion:latest technologies in 2020.

With the rise of so much panic among people, many prefer to stay at home and avoid going to public places. During such time, technology has proved that it can be a powerful companion of an individual.

With different advantages of such technologies, we are somewhat safe and are able to do our work without much disturbance. Even school kids, office workers are able to conduct studies and work from their home without going anywhere. With such advancements, we are progressing steadily in a positive way and helping each one of us by protecting us from the spread of novel corona virus.

Hence no doubt the role of technology in corona virus is much more important. Do let us know how you are managing your work or studies during the corona virus pandemic in the comment box. And do share our website since your one share will motivate us to bring great content.

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