According to Linkedin’s latest survey Blockchain is a most demanding skill in 2020. Despite the pandemic, it still rose as there is a huge demand in industries due to the shift to the internet, and also, everyone wants to store data and share it securely. 

Blockchain technology is a most demanding skill in 2020
Blockchain technology is the most demanding skill in 2020

Blockchain technology’s foundation held by a group of people or an individual named Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto brought up a great paper on Bitcoin:  A peer to peer Electronic cash system. In his paper, he discussed a digital currency, which is decentralised, distributed and secure.

In today’s time blockchain technology has grown a lot and is the most demanding skill and technology for securing data. No industry, in today’s time, is not using blockchain technology, whether it is education, supply chain, real estate and many more. Blockchain technology promises the development of the best-secured system for transaction data in a distributed and decentralized way.

Reasons why many industries are using blockchain technology in 2020.

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger of immutable data stored in a decentralised network. Blockchain network is a distributed and decentralised, which means, anyone from anywhere an access the data, provided that the person is a part of the blockchain network. And there is no central authority to control blockchain network, hence it is decentralised. So, All the data stored in the blockchain is cryptographically used and stored in a tree called Merkle tree. Due to its distributed and decentralised nature, many industries are looking forward to using this technology for their businesses and securing data. You name, any industry, it would be using blockchain technology. Some examples are Real Estate, education, media and many more. 

Blockchain technology helps several industries to securely store and share data among several stakeholders. Also, blockchain brings more trust among the people as no single authority controls the translation or network. hence All the network nodes in a blockchain network have the liberty to verify transactions and manage the blockchain. Also, several nodes use various advanced concepts in order to validate the data and data is stored only when it is validated. Most of the industries do want to share data securely among several stakeholders.

Basic use of blockchain technology in the education industry. 

Let us take a very basic example, suppose you have completed your education from a college and you apply for a job. The hiring team wants to verify all your documents and validate it. All of them need to follow a very difficult process of validation, they need to contact your university, find out about your education history and get it from your peers. Well, it is really a hectic task and it takes a huge time. But, on the other way, if your university issues the certificates on the blockchain network then anyone could verify it in very less time. Yes, that’s the power of blockchain technology. So, in the education industry, colleges would have a blockchain network, on which certificates can be issued to students and several hiring teams and validate from that blockchain network. 

Different Industries where you can work as a blockchain technologist in 2020.

Several industries are looking for blockchain technology experts. You may find jobs in various industries like, real estate, media, supply chain, education, healthcare, legal industries and many more. 

You don’t need to be technical to work in such industries. Several jobs are also available for non-technical people who want to start a career in blockchain technology. Some of the jobs are available in marketing, community, design and much more. Hence you don’t need have the technical knowledge to be part of blockchain revolution.

For techies, if you know several programming languages you can be a blockchain developer and learn new languages used for blockchain development. Blockchain developers’ jobs are different and they need to do several tasks such as developing business ideas, plans and much more. 

How should you begin learning Blockchain technology in 2020?

Blockchain technology is very easy to understand if you have knowledge about cryptography and distributed systems. Blockchain technology needs a basic understanding of how hashing works and what is the Merkle tree. All these are some of the prerequisites to start learning about blockchain technology.

 Once you gain information about all such concepts you should go deeper and start learning about how blockchain works and how it works. Blockchain technology is a vast concept to understand and somewhat technical. Also, If you want to go into the Blockchain development field, you should have basic understanding of several frontend technologies for testing UI for your blockchain application.

Blockchain career map.

If you want to learn about blockchain you can consider several choices below.

  • A degree in Blockchain.
    • Some of the best universities in the world offer the best courses on blockchain development.
  • Moocs.
    • Nowadays, since Moocs have some of the best courses in the world to learn new things. 
  • On the job training.
    • Several companies do provide on-field training if you get hired to work for a company as a blockchain developer.

If you really want to be a blockchain developer you should have the hunger to learn about new things coming up every time. You can visit several forums from where you can learn blockchain development.

Also, You really need to be flexible while choosing a blockchain career. an individual can be a part-time coder, part-time entrepreneur or youtube celebrity. Hence, You just need good skills in all such fields.

You should have a good amount of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one such popular cryptocurrency and also several other cryptocurrencies are available.

Some of the best Blockchain application platforms are following. You can start learning any of those.

Ethereum is one such platform which you can use to learn about blockchain development and build some great decentralised application. Also, Ethereum lets you build both public and private blockchain.

For building applications on ethereum, you need to have knowledge about solidity programming language. Since, It is a specific language smart contracts, for creating decentralised applications.

Hyperledger is one more platform for building blockchain applications. It lets users build private blockchain networks for their blockchain application. If you want to create a blockchain application for your business you must use hyperledger.


Blockchain technology careers are going to stay for a long time. hence, People who haven’t heard about bitcoin, are trying to learn such technology. Since Blockchain technology has great potential to revolutionise several industries and the most demanding skill in 2020. Several career opportunities are available in the blockchain world. Hence, If you want to start a career in blockchain, it is the right time to do so because blockchain is the most demanding skill in 2020. 


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